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Emile Mersch - John the Mystic Apostle July 9, 2021 13:01

Light, life, and unity, invoked by Mersch from the prologue to the Gospel of John, are the fullest expressions of the work of the Incarnate Christ when by means of His historical, ecclesial, and mystical body “things of heaven are wedded to the things of earth and divine to the human.”

Emile Mersch - A Theological Introduction July 2, 2021 22:01 1 Comment

As Mersch excavates sources from within Church history, we encounter his own notion of history as a providential mystery from which theological insight is drawn forth by perpetual meditation.

Mary and the Church in Salvation April 30, 2021 13:46

It is not a mere rhetorical flourish to say that, as she stood beneath the cross, Christ poured forth all His redeeming blood into the heart of the Mother from whom He had received it. [Click title for more.]