Burroughs - Tarzan: The Novels, Vol. 1

$ 27.77

Tarzan: The Novels, Vol. 1, by Edgar Rice Burroughs. This omnibus collection presents the first five complete novels of the thrilling adventures of Tarzan of the Apes. Son of an English Lord, raised by the savage apes that killed his father, found again by a civilization that he would never quite come to call his own, he was at home in the primeval forest in which he was reared. Swinging through the treetops, bane of lions, tamer of elephants, terror of cannibals, finder of lost cities, and beloved of the American woman Jane Porter, this knight of the forest, never trained in chivalry, was known to the outside world as John Clayton, Lord Greystoke--but to himself and the denizens of the jungle in which he grew up, he would be forever Tarzan, King of the Apes.

Included in this volume: Tarzan of the Apes; The Return of Tarzan; The Son of Tarzan; The Beasts of Tarzan; Jungle Tales of Tarzan.

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