Newman - Callista: A Tale of the Third Century

$ 12.77

By John Henry Newman. Callista, a young and beautiful Greek girl, has just arrived with her brother in North African Carthage. Though she is a gifted young woman, she is unhappy with her life. Wooed by a troubled and lovesick young man named Agellius, Callista is drawn into his own struggle between a newfound Christian faith and the traditional pagan beliefs of his mother, a witch. After a terrible plague of locusts, a popular rage breaks out into persecution against the Christians and both Agellius and Callista must face for themselves the question of what indeed is the truth.

Written by Bl. John Henry Newman after his reception into the Catholic Church, this novel of the early Church is surely a bright light in a flourishing nineteenth century genre that produced few classics and many mediocrities. Indeed, Charles Kingsley, whose later attacks prompted Newman’s own Apologia Pro Vita Sua, had essayed an earlier effort at early Church fiction with the novel Hypatia. To Kingley’s dismay, Newman’s Callista had been received as the better work. Callista is rich in prose and vivid in its imagining of Christian life in the early Church.

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