Weinandy - Jesus the Christ

$ 18.77

Father Thomas G. Weinandy—sometime Oxford tutor and later head of the Secretariat of Doctrine for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops—opens the fascinating world of Christian theology to all readers. In clear language, he begins in Scripture to draw out the plan of salvation, leading the reader through the development of the Church's grappling with the glorious and paradoxical conviction: That no-one less than God Himself has lived nothing less than a human life. From within the life of the Trinity, to the womb of a young woman, to the Cross upon Calvary, the empty tomb, and the ascension into heaven, Fr. Weinandy unfolds the theological consequences of the Incarnation as the central belief of Christian faith in an understandable Catholic introduction to the theological wisdom of the ages. He hopes that it may be of use to every Christian who wants to understand Jesus and His work of Salvation better.

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