Anselm of Canterbury - Complete Philosophical and Theological Treatises

$ 19.77

This is the only complete English edition of the treatises of Anselm of Canterbury, the monastic "father of Scholasticism." In Jasper Hopkins’ and Herbert Richardson’s philosophically sensitive translations, the volume offers to English readers not only Anselm’s treatises but also his important Meditation on Human Redemption and four of his didactic letters. Collectively, these constitute his intellectual writings.

Contents: Monologion; Proslogion; Debate with Gaunilo; De Grammatico; On Truth (De Veritate); On Freedom of Choice (De Libertate Arbitrii); The Fall of the Devil (De Casu Diaboli); Two Letters concerning Roscelin; The Incarnation of the Word (De Incarnatione Verbi); Why God Became Man (Cur Deus Homo); Philosophical Fragments; A Meditation on Human Redemption (Meditatio); The Virgin Conception and Original Sin (De Conceptu); The Procession of the Holy Spirit (De Processione); Letters on the Sacraments (De Sacramentis); Foreknowledge, Predestination, Grace, and Free Choice (De Concordia).

An appendix provides a scholarly bibliography of resources on Anselm.

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