Garrigou-Lagrange - On Faith: A Commentary on St. Thomas' Theological Summa Ia IIae, qq. 62, 65, 68 and IIa IIae, qq.1-16 (The Theological Virtues, Volume 1)

$ 17.77

In this commentary, Garrigou-Lagrange seeks to elucidate Thomas Aquinas's teaching on the Theological Virtues--the powers of soul that, infused by the Holy Spirit, enable the Christian to embrace God Himself. This volume treats especially of the virtue of Faith, whereby God's self-revelation is not simply believed as true, but grasped in its living reality such that one can journey on into the life of God by the power of faith working through love. As a commentary on the Summa, this volume is methodical and clear. As a spiritual treatise, it aims to illuminate and to inspire.

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