Hickey - Our Catholic Heritage in English Literature of the First Millenium

$ 9.77

Ms. Hickey sweeps us into a world of ancient epic, poetry, and allegory--by the verses of Caedmon and Bede; in stories of the Phoenix, the Cross, and King Alfred; in old runes and lost loves--in all of which she leads us to discover that Christ has been the narrative's subject all along. She writes: "This little book makes no claim to be a history of pre-Conquest British Literature. It is an attempt to increase Catholics' interest in this part of the 'inheritance of their fathers.' It is not a formal course, but a sort of talk, as it were, about beautiful things said and sung in old days: things which to have learned to love is to have incurred a great and living debt. I have tried to clothe them in the nearest approach I could find to their original speech, with the humblest acknowledgement that nothing matches that speech itself. If this little book in any way fulfils the wishes of those who have asked me for some thoughts on English Literature, I shall be glad indeed."

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